Our process was designed to guarantee a smooth delivery on the search experience, from the very beginning to the follow-up on successful candidates. The process ends up with a final candidate but also brings the knowledge about market conditions, including available talents and salary range. By doing so, we provide data to support decision such as salary increase or revision about position spec.


We start by double-clicking on the specific needs of our clients; it includes an in-depth understanding of company’s situation including strategy, financial status, long and short term challenges and hiring manager leadership profile.


Based on the understanding of the status quo, a search strategy is prepared in order to guide our work towards de completion of the assignment. A long list of roles, companies and individuals is prepared so that we can guide our work in order to reach the potential executives that can exceed our clients’ expectations.


This long list is the basis of our market mapping. We will then approach these individuals – initially by phone – to address their career, understand their current situation and understand if our assignment makes sense for both our potential candidates and for our clients.


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